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What is a 'Google App Campaign'?​

Google App Campaigns are a streamlined way of advertising mobile apps across Google’s largest properties, including Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, the Google Display Network and other mobile sites. They are designed to promote app installations and engagement, whilst advertising to the your most valuable users.


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How Do App Campaigns Work?

Advertisers provide text, images, and videos, and Google automatically designs and places the ads across its mobile web ads and mobile ad network.

How Are App Campaigns Different from Other Google Ads?

App Campaigns are specifically for mobile app promotions.

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App Ads Pro's & Con's​

Who Should Use Google App Paid Ads Campaigns?

Mobile app developers and businesses with mobile apps looking to increase installs and user engagement.

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Pros of App Ads

Cons of App Ads

App Ad Examples

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Google Ads Search

Google Shopping

Google Display Ads

Google Video Ads

Alternative Campaign Types

Feel like a Google App campaign isn't the right fit?

Explore some more of Google’s campaign types below or get in touch and we’ll make some suggestions for you.


Frequently Asked App Questions

Still have questions? Hopefully you’ll find what your looking for below. If not, always feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about anything Google Ads.

What types of creatives work best in App Campaigns?

High-quality images and videos that clearly showcase the app’s features and benefits. Diverse creative sets help the algorithm optimise effectively.

How is audience targeting handled in App Campaigns?

Google uses machine learning to target users most likely to install or engage with your app, based on historical data and user behaviour.

Can you explain how in app advertising works?

In-app ads are advertisements displayed within mobile applications, providing a platform for businesses to reach potential customers actively using those apps. These ads can appear in various formats such as banners, interstitials, or video ads, and are often targeted based on user behaviour and preferences within the app.

How do I measure the success and ad revenue of my App Campaign?

Key metrics include the number of app installs, the cost per install, in-app action rates, and overall return on ad spend (ROAS).

Is there a minimum budget for App Campaigns?

There’s no strict minimum budget, but having a sufficient budget helps in effective testing and optimisation of ad space.

How long does it take to see results from an App Campaign after I serve ads?

Results can vary, but typically you can start seeing app installs from the Google Play Store or IOS store within a few days of campaign launch.

Can I promote both Android and iOS apps with App Campaigns?

Yes, Google App Campaigns can be used to promote apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

How does Google ensure my ads appear in suitable environments?

Google provides content rating and exclusion settings to help control where your app ads appear and ensure they align with your brand’s values.

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