Case Study - Google Shopping Ads

SCNT Water Bottles

Australia’s first scent-based taste system. An incredible new way to hydrate, SCNT’s scent-based water bottle flavours your water without any actual flavouring. Based in Perth, the SCNT team required further expansion to reach new markets through Google Ads. Sometimes social media just isn’t enough.

case study SCNT

Their Challenge

SCNT got in touch with us when they were already in a really good position business wise. Social media was pumping, but they were plateauing with the Christmas period coming up right around the corner (which, for those who don’t know, is the holy grail within eCommerce).


The main reason that SCNT asked for a hand, was a sheer lack of available time to be able to both optimally learn, and manage the account themselves. This is where we came in handy, and were able to provide lessons learnt from thousands of hours within the platform, plenty of which have been spent on Ecommerce alone.


Expanding their reach and subsequent ROAS (return on ad spend) was the goal here, with the expectation of appropriately managed ads as the festive season came to an end. Much of eCommerce is seasonal, so knowing how to run things when the craze dies down is crucial.

Max Convert

Our Fix

After gaining access to their Google Ads account, we noticed nothing was running, and old campaigns had performed okay – but there was definitely room to move. We knew a Performance Max campaign would be the obvious pick because of its shopping placements, so off we went to create ad copy focusing on the new technology found within scent-based water bottles. We also focused heavily on bottle material composition, reviews and other compelling features held by the brand.


After implementing the ads we double checked that the Google Merchant account looked optimal, and proceeded to exclude any irrelevant ad placement slots such as apps and video games. This helped direct ad spend to the right places, and ended up netting a few thousand percentage ROAS through the holiday period (even at $1500 spend daily).


We eventually dropped this back following the Christmas period, and still now maintaining an average ROAS of 600-700% at a relatively high daily spend of $1,000.


As you can tell, knowing how to combine a Google strategy alongside social media strategy can be very rewarding.



Expanded reach within Australia

Roughly 1 million users were reach throughout the month of December, generating over 30k clicks to the site.

Increase in Monthly Sales

Over 2,610 sales were made throughout December. Previously 0 sales were made through Google Ads.

Awesome Campaign ROAS

Monthly ROAS over Christmas was 767%, which was down from 1200% during prior weeks.

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