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What are Google Ads Discovery Campaigns?

Google Discovery campaigns are designed to help businesses engage with potential customers across Google’s feeds like the Google Discover feed, YouTube, and Gmail (also known as the google display network). These campaigns use rich, visually appealing ads that are automatically optimised to capture audience interest based on their online behaviours, and are placed similarly to google display campaigns although they have a different end goal.

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How Do Discovery Campaigns Work?

Advertisers create ads with compelling images, headlines, and descriptions that go into an ad rotation for Google to test.

Discovery Ads vs Another Ad Format?

Unlike search-based ads, Discovery campaigns are focused more on generating demand rather than capturing existing demand.

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Discovery Ad Pro's & Con's​

Who Should Implement Google Discovery Campaigns Into Their Google Ads Account?

Businesses looking to increase brand awareness and engage users earlier in the buying process.

Pros of Discovery

Cons of Discovery

Discovery Ad Examples

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Google Ads Search

Google Shopping

Google Display Ads

Google Video Ads

Alternative Campaign Types

Feel like a Google Discovery campaign isn't the right fit?

Explore some more of Google’s campaign types below or get in touch and we’ll make some suggestions for you.


Frequently Asked Discovery Questions

Still have questions? Hopefully you’ll find what your looking for below. If not, always feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about anything Google Ads.

What kind of content works best for Discovery ads?

Engaging and high-quality images or videos with clear, compelling messages perform best. Content should be relevant and interesting to your target audience.

How is audience targeting managed in Discovery campaigns?

Google uses machine learning to target audiences based on their past online behaviour and interests, but you can also define audience segments based on demographics, interests, or customer lists.

Can I measure the ROI of my Discovery campaigns?

Yes, Google provides various metrics to track campaign performance, including engagement rates, conversions, and return on investment (ROI).

How do I ensure my Discovery ads are seen by the right people?

While Google’s AI targets relevant audiences, you can refine your targeting by using audience insights and adjusting your campaign settings based on performance data.

Are Discovery campaigns suitable for all types of businesses?

Discovery campaigns can be effective for most businesses, especially those seeking to increase brand awareness and engage users in the early stages of the customer journey.

How does bidding work in Discovery campaigns?

Bidding in Discovery campaigns can be automated by Google, focusing on achieving your set goals, such as maximising conversions or targeting a specific cost-per-action (CPA).

Can I use existing creatives from other campaigns in Discovery ads?

While you can use existing creatives, it’s recommended to tailor them to fit the visually rich format and user context of Discovery feeds for optimal performance.

How do Discovery campaigns fit into a broader marketing strategy?

Discovery campaigns are ideal for complementing other campaign types by building brand awareness and nurturing potential customers at the top of the sales funnel.

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